biometric screening

What Is A Biometric Screening?

A: A biometric screening is an appointment set up by USCIS for the purpose of taking your picture, your fingerprint, and your signature. The process usually takes about 10-20 minutes. When you apply for a green card, naturalization, asylum, or any type of immigration benefits, you will have to attend a biometric screening. As Sam…

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Visa Bulletin

What Is A Visa Bulletin?

A: A visa bulletin is a monthly bulletin that is published indicating the preference categories and the processing times for different employment and family-based immigration petitions. The visa bulletin is published monthly by the Department of State. It tells you which applications for a green card can proceed based on their original filing date. It also…

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Can My Employee Start Working After I File My Petition?

A: That depends. Under certain circumstances, they can. For example, if there is an H-1B change of employer and it’s properly filed with USCIS, then the employee can start working. However, you must consult with an attorney to make sure you qualify under the regulations, to start working while that is pending. Hiring a foreign…

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Image of Green Card

Can I Work In The U.S. While Waiting For My Green Card?

A: The short answer is yes. You can apply with USCIS for a temporary work permit. That allows you employment authorized by the government while that 485 is pending. Remember, if you work and do not have that employment authorization—that is considered unlawful and can hurt your status in the future. It’s a known fact:…

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What Is A Green Card?

A: A green card is a document that is given to a legal permanent resident as proof to show for employment or travel purposes. A green card is an informal term for the document formally known as a Lawful Permanent Resident Card. Having a green card makes it possible to work as well as live in the…

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What Is A Conditional Permanent Resident?

A: A conditional permanent resident is a type of residency that is granted for two years when they are married to a U.S. citizen. The marriage had to have occurred less than two years from the time of approval. Before the expiration of the conditional residency, the person must apply with USCIS to remove those…

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How Can A Foreign National Gain LPR Status?

A: A foreign national looking to become a legal permanent resident (LPR) in the United States must go through the process to be admitted. Whether that’s through a petition from a family member, or through an employment-based petition. The first part is to file that petition and once approved, do a consulate processing or adjustment…

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How Long Will My Green Card Remain Valid?

A: A green card usually has an expiration date of 10 years, 2 years, or doesn’t have an expiration date. Regardless of the expiration date, the person continues being a permanent resident so long as they fulfill required obligations. When Does My Green Card Expire? Simply having a green card doesn’t mean you’re through with…

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What Is A Lawful Permanent Resident?

A: A lawful permanent resident, also known as an LPR, allows a person to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. The conditions require that they fulfill certain requirements and do not stay out of the United States for a prolonged time. Why Should I Become A Legal Permanent Resident? A…

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How Long Does The Immigration Process Take?

A: The immigration process depends on whether it’s a family-based case or an employment-based case. USCIS publishes processing times on its website at and then National Visa Center also has processing times. As well, as the department of states has processing times too which are posted on the visa bulletin. The U.S. Immigration process…

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What Is The Process For Immigrating To The United States?

A: Immigrating to the United States must first start with a petition, whether that’s family-based, or employment-based. If it’s family-based, you can be petitioned by a parent, spouse, or U.S. citizen child. If it’s employment-based, it requires you have an employer willing to sponsor you for the correct type of Visa, to come to the…

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I Received a Notice of Intent to Deny. What Do I Do Now?

Receiving a Notice of Intent to Deny or NOID, can cause panic and confusion. However, with proper preparation and an appropriate response, a NOID can be overcome allowing the petition or application to be approved.  NOIDs are issued typically but not always in family petition cases when USCIS has significant concerns about the legitimacy of…

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